Subscription to CDMTV BYOD Package


Put your waiting room to work!

  • Increase revenue! Make sure patients know about all of the services you offer
  • Educate your patients and their families while they wait
  • Preconditions patients before their appointment
  • Introduces your staff and services to patients while they wait
  • Huge content library
  • Full sound and captioning
  • Customizable
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Product Description

BYOD! Bring Your Own Device Package

CDM TV is unique because we stream on Roku.  We do not force you to purchase expensive or proprietary hardware. If you have a Roku device or Roku TV, you’re all set! No additional hardware is required.

$59/mo per location


  • Email & Chat Support
  • Access to Full Video Content Library

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Content Channel

Back & Spine Health, Dental, ENT, Functional Medicine, Hearing, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Style & Beauty, Vision


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