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Before we can get our content streaming directly into your waiting room we need a bit of information. Please take your time and go through the form below so we can insure we supply you with the best experience possible. Thank you!

Testing Your Internet Speed

In order to ensure CDM TV will be able to stream without any bandwidth issues, we need you to perform a quick internet speed test. Please go to fast.com.  This will instantly begin testing your internet speed.  Simply wait for the results.

Please take a screen shot once you have the results shown here and upload the image down below in the form when requested.

You will see this screen, once the test is complete.

image (3)
Click on the Show More Info button. You will see this screen:
image (4)

Required information for your CDM TV subscription:

  • Please indicate which network you are interested in adding to your waiting room.
  • Let us know who we should contact about content choices, billing, and any other questions.
  • Please check all that apply.
  • What are the key services that your clinic offers to your patients.
  • YouTube videos, custom videos, commercials, manufacturer ads, etc
  • If you offer patient financing for any services, list your financing providers.
  • List any vendors or products you offer in your clinic.
  • CDM TV Installation Information

  • Do you currently have a television installed in your practice that our Network will play on?
  • Please upload the screenshot here of the speed results of the test you took earlier.
  • What type of internet connection will you be using to connect your player to the internet?

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