CDM TV can show you the way!

You’ve spent time, money and effort getting that customer in your door. Show them right away why they made the right choice! Make your waiting room an incubator of passion for you and your products with CDM TV’s professionally developed, engaging video content. Build the foundation for delighted customers by making an immediate personal connection and demonstrating your commitment to them.

CDM TV is the patient-oriented content streamed from Clear Digital Media right into your waiting room in real-time via your internet on any screen (TV or monitor).

Tell your story. Sell your services & products. Make revenue swell (as in grow….hey, it rhymes)



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What does this cost?


Monthly per location

  • No upfront costs

  • No long-term contracts

  • Includes player
  • Includes 12 custom videos WE CREATE FOR YOU
  • Includes our vast library of hearing care content
  • Includes client support- we can upload and add any mp4 videos you have
  • Includes manufacturer video content

Optional Installation Services Available

All packages include a media player and installation instructions. Plug & play! Requires TV be on-site & wireless or wired Internet connection available.

On-Site Player Installation: $250
Wall Mounting TV: $250


Hearing Content

Hearing Content

ENT Content

Ear, Nose & Throat Content

Beer & Bar Content

Beer & Bar Content

Faith Content

Faith Content

Style & Fashion Content

Style & Fashion Content

Dental Content

Dental Content

Fitness Content

Fitness Content

Neck & Back Content

Neck & Back Content

Pediatric Content

Pediatric Content

Restorative/Functional Medicine Content

Restorative/Functional Medicine Content


Introducing CDM TV Go

Now more than ever, educating and engaging patients with informative, positive & helpful content is critical. We are facing uncertain times. We have faith we will move through this. We will be stronger, wiser and better prepared for future crisis. It’s scary for us as small businesses and even scarier for your patients. Creating a sense of certainty through communication and information can have such positive impact.

CDM TVGo is a Chrome® browser based app that allows your patients to stream CDM TV on any device including tablets, smart phones, laptops and PCs. CDM TVGo is the perfect partner to your CDM TV Waiting Room programming.

Clinic Sample Playlist

Basic vs. Premium

Clinic Basic Playlist Sample

What's Different: Basic logo animation, character limit for About Us, Bios and Testimonials.

Clinic Premium Playlist Sample

What's Different: Full logo animation*, no character limit for About Us, Bios and Testimonials, premium designed and animated video templates.

*Logo animation based on quality of clinic logo supplied.



To receive a 5 video collection from our Social2Go collection at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

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