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Our Digital Signage Platform empowers healthcare practices with tailored, dynamic content right at their fingertips. Streamline your communication, educate your patients, and optimize your practice efficiency – all with Citadel, your comprehensive digital signage solution.

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Register Your Account

Set up your account and choose the number of screens you want. You can always add more whenever you want.

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Choose Your Content

Subscribe to any one or more of our professionally created video content libraries and/or upload your own content.

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Choose Your Player

Our platform is hardware agnostic. Purchase our pre-configured players or use your own.

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Powered by Citadel

Patient-oriented content streamed right into your waiting room

Our platform empowers your business to inform, entertain, and upsell to your most important audience: the patients visiting your location. Citadel is a magical blend between digital signage and streaming video programming.

Educate, engage, inspire.

Stream & manage video content and ads to one screen or thousands of screens elegantly and easily. Upload your own video content and/or choose from our catalog of awesome content channels to fit your industry.


Here are just a few examples of where Citadel has impact.


Hospital Room

Assisted Living


Dr. Liz White at Harbor City Hearing

We have been so happy with CDM. The content is fantastic, I hear patients in the waiting room commenting on the information every day.

Kory Castro at Casmin Hearing Group

We love having the channel playing in our waiting rooms! It’s exactly what we were hoping for and the content is excellent!

Andrea Helms Hearing Associates Inc.

We have been working with Clear Digital Media for many years now and have always been happy. Our patients enjoy the content and it is a great addition to our waiting room. The customer service has always been exemplary.

Karen Aguilar Chicago Hearing Services

Working with Clear Digital Media has been a collaborative and positive partnership. Staff are quick to respond to my questions and needs, and they make sure that our videos are current. I highly recommend working with them.

Kristi Swingle, AUD. Arizona Hearing Specialist

We have been working with Clear Digital Media for the last 6 years, and have found that it has added immense value to our practice. We have four offices and stream Clear Digital Media content at all of our offices. We receive daily, positive feedback from our patients about the content. They come in and will mention something they saw on the TV and it provides a great starting point to build rapport and have conversations about hearing health. The team at Clear Digital Media is responsive when asked to load new content or when asked to make changes. It is well worth the money and I would recommend it to any and all practices!


Hearing Content

Neck & Back Content

Vision Sample Playlist

ENT Content

Clinic Custom Content

What does this cost?

Option 1

Full-service option. You sign up, we manage your screen.

Media player included. Attaches easily to your TV.

No TV? No problem, use our Desktop App.

Per Month/Per Screen

Only $89.95

No long-term contracts.    60-day cancellation

Option 2

Clear Digital Media Citadel Portal

With CDM TV Portal, you can set up your account, choose how many screens you want to stream to, pick your media player and choose from a collection of video content libraries.  In addition, CDM TV Portal includes our new Content Creator feature. You can create your own simple digital posters which you can then immediately post on your screen!

$25/mo/screen + $10/mo per content library 

Player is purchased as a 1x charge



Manage & Schedule Content Anywhere, Anytime

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