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You've made a commitment to follow best practices and provide only the highest level of hearing care to your patients. Creating a remarkable patient experience is what sets you apart. Every touchpoint in your clinic is a part of that patient experience.  Turn your waiting room TV into a patient engagement center and any screen in your exam or consult room into an education & upsell tool with CDM TV professionally developed, streaming video content. In addition, we provide video content created specifically for your clinic. Build the foundation for delighted customers by making an immediate personal connection and demonstrating your commitment to their hearing health care.

CDM TV is patient-oriented video content streamed to any screen or TV in your waiting room, exam or consult room in real-time via high-speed internet.  CDM TV helps you stand out!

Benefits Include:

  • Precondition your patients before their appointment
  • Control the narrative inside your clinic
  • Keep patients focused on their hearing care journey
  • Educate family members & caregivers
  • Ensure every patient knows about ALL of the services you offer
  • Improve patient outcomes

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Hearing Content

Vision Sample Playlist

Clinic Custom Content

What does this cost?

Option 1

Full-service option. You sign up, we manage your screen.

Media player included. Attaches easily to your TV.

No TV? No problem, use our Desktop App.

Per Month/Per Screen

Only $89.95

No long-term contracts.    60-day cancellation

Option 2

Clear Digital Media Citadel Portal

With CDM TV Portal, you can set up your account, choose how many screens you want to stream to, pick your media player and choose from a collection of video content libraries.  In addition, CDM TV Portal includes our new Content Creator feature. You can create your own simple digital posters which you can then immediately post on your screen!

$25/mo/screen + $10/mo per content library 

Player is purchased as a 1x charge


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