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You’ve spent time, money and effort getting that customer in your door. Show them right away why they made the right choice! Make your waiting room an effective sales tool for your products and services with CDM TV professionally developed, engaging content. Build the foundation for delighted customers by making an immediate personal connection and demonstrating your commitment to their hearing health care.

CDM TV is the patient-oriented content streamed from Clear Digital Media right into your waiting room in real-time via high-speed internet on any screen or television. Turn your waiting room on today with CDM TV and precondition your patients before their hearing exam.

In addition to our robust library of educational hearing care content, we showcase the latest Beltone content.

Check out the remarkable Beltone only pricing below. Over 50% off our list subscription price!   Sign up today!

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Hearing Content Sample Playlist

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Beltone Content Sample Playlist

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Clinic Custom Sample Playlist

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What does this cost?

Per Month/Per Location

Custom Streaming TV Channel (Roku or Browser)  -  $25/mo

Plus Media Player (if required) or Personalized Clinic Video Content. -  $35/mo

Plus Media Player and Personalized Clinic Video Content. -  $45/mo

No long-term contracts.    60-day cancellation


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