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You’ve made a commitment to provide your community the highest level of hearing care.  Make your waiting room an incubator of passion for you and your products & services with CDM TV professionally developed, purpose-driven engaging video content including the Cochlear Provider Network library. In addition, we provide video content created specifically for your clinic. Build the foundation for delighted customers by making an immediate personal connection and demonstrating your commitment to their hearing health care.

CDM TV is a patient-oriented custom TV channel streamed from Clear Digital Media right into your waiting room in real-time, via high-speed internet on any screen or television. Turn your waiting room on today with CDM TV and precondition your patients before their hearing exam.  CDM TV helps you stand out!

Take advantage of our Cochlear Provider Network Discount!

Subscription Includes:

  • Media Player
  • 12 custom videos we create for you
  • Hearing care focused educational content
  • Cochlear content

Cochlear Content Sample Playlist

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Hearing Content Sample Playlist

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ENT Content Sample Playlist

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Clinic Custom Sample Playlist

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Benefits of CDM TV Include:

  • Move patients forward in their hearing care journey.
  • Reduce fear & anxiety
  • Ensure patients know about all of the services you offer
  • Sell the benefits of hearing aids and treatment

What does this cost?

Per Month/Per Screen

Pricing: Reg Price $149.95

Cochlear Member Price $89.95

2nd screen in same location discounted to $39.95

No long-term contracts.    60-day cancellation


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