Michele Ahlman, Owner of Clear Digital Media and Carla Hoffman, Owner of Hoffman Hearing share simple time-tested strategies and tools that help your practice thrive in a changing world. 

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Patient Personas

The patient persona is although fictional, a close representation of who your patients are.  Kind of like a dating profile. It will include traits, habits, values & interests that match with your core and ideal patients. It will also include demographic information, concerns & influencers. Each persona represents a cohort of patients with similar characteristics, demographics and lifestyles. The patient persona is an important tool in understanding both who your core patient really is and who your ideal patient is.

Clinic Personas

Very similar to the patient persona, however, you're defining your clinic- as if it was a person with values, fears, personality, etc. We are capturing insights into the personality of your clinic. What motivates the team, frustrations, goals, motto/mission values & the brands that your clinic aligns with. This is an exercise in taking your mission/values/SWOT analysis and turning it into a persona profile. Looking at your clinic as a whole as if it came to life as a person.

Patient Journey

The Patient Journey is a 5-step path people travel as they:

    • discover you
    • consider working with you
    • engage with you 
    • build a relationship with you 
    • and become raving fans or lifetime members of your “family”

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