How SocialVideos2Go™ Solves Your Social Media Dilemma


Image and video posts perform well on Facebook and are an effective way to create a visual connection between your message and your audience. But it is not always easy to maintain multiple social media pages while managing your clinic. And adding in the time and effort it takes to find or create video content makes the feat of maintaining an active social media presence nearly impossible.

More than 65% of all video views are happening on mobile devices as people turn to Facebook at different times and places throughout the day. And viewers spend 100% more time on web pages that contained a video.

While video content is undoubtedly the future of marketing, it can be challenging for a small business to keep pace. Creating a high quality video that expresses the exact message you are trying to send can be challenging and expensive. And trying to create that type of content on a regular basis is not sustainable.

SocialVideos2Go™ solves this problem! Clear Digital Media’s new SocialVideos2Go™ program can make adding custom video content to your social media easy and affordable.

SocialVideos2Go™ is a quick and extremely cost effective way for you to have any HNN piece customized with your logo for your personal use, and emailed to you for uploading directly to any of your social pages or website. And adding educational video to your social media allows you to position yourself as an “authority” on hearing health issues—making you and your social media platforms a resource for your current and future clients.

Become a resource for your current and potential clients by maintaining an active social media presence with the help of SocialVideos2Go™. Learn more here: