5 Actions You Can Take to Improve Your Patient’s Experience


Have more impact, get more referrals & increase your revenue

Engage more if the customer’s senses

Think about this way, it’s not about managing a clinic, it’s about creating a story. 

What can you do to engage more of your customer’s sense inside the clinic that help tell your story? What can you incorporate into your practice that engages your patients using the following sensory tools:


  • Visuals
    • Using digital signage & video content that keeps patients focused on their hearing care journey in the waiting room and consult room.
    • Ensure when your patient first walks through the door, they are greeted with an esthetic that communicates who you are as a provider.
  • Smells
    • Smell is a powerful trigger for many people. Make sure your practice smells good, clean and welcoming.
    • Be careful not to overwhelm with fragrance
    • If you have a kitchen or breakroom in your practice, be aware of food smells
  • Sounds
    • If you are using video content in your waiting room, do you have the volume on the TV at a level your patients can enjoy it?
    • Silence can be louder than gentle background noise. If you practice is too quiet it can be just as uncomfortable to patients as loud noise. Having either educational, engaging content playing the TV with sound or gentle, welcoming, calmmusic playing is ideal
  • Touch
    • How does the furniture in the waiting room feel? How do the chairs in the consult room feel? No need to spend a fortune however, consider our sense of touch is important. If a patient feels uncomfortable, minutes will feel like an eternity. 


What story does this help tell- what does it say about you as a brand?


Create experiences that are unique

The way you do this is change the script. When a customer walk into your clinic they have a particular set of expectations about what they will experience. Great brands turn this on it’s head

You do not need to go crazy or be over the top. Just do something slightly unexpected.

Personalize every interaction

Hearing care by nature is highly personalized. What can you do in the routine things that provide an even more personalized experience? 

Surprise people

This is the fun stuff. It can be very small things that deliver a huge impact. There is always a little surprise you can provide each customer that delights them in some way.

Make it repeatable

It’s not enough to deliver a great experience only a couple days a week. You must deliver a great experience every time. Rehearse & plan. Your customer doesn’t care if you are short staffed on Wed or your crabby today.  If a customer is going to spend money with you, you must deliver 100% of the time. Make your customer experience systems repeatable.