How to Sell the Experience When Features and Benefits Just Aren’t Enough

Digital signage in waiting room

Suppose your product features are much like your competitors’. And the benefits of using your products or services are similar—whether customers use your gizmo or theirs, they’re going to arrive at the same place. 

Welcome to the commodity train. Destination: Irrelevance City, with stops in Price Warburgh and Declining Marginshire. 

When ordinary features-and-benefits-based communications struggle to distinguish your business from the pack, it may be time to take your messages somewhere else — into the heart of the customer experience. 

In education, travel, luxury goods, food service, hospitality, professional services and other industries in which the thing sold is a thing lived, you need to communicate what it feels like to see, hear, touch, or taste your product. 

The following points form a rough road map that can take your business from a place that’s obscure in your prospects’ minds to one that is tangible, vivid, and highly desirable. 

Who: Personalize the experience 

When value is locked in the experience — whether a dynamic classroom, an invigorating executive retreat, or an indulgent spa — objective “facts” fail to capture the subjective essence of your product. For that, you need a personal perspective, and none is better than that of your customers themselves. 

Direct quotes, testimonials, day-in-the-life narratives, and even brief biographies can introduce the sympathetic element that allows prospects to project themselves into the experience you provide. 

What: Illustrate the experience 

Seeing is believing — even in language. The more graphic you are, the easier it is for readers or viewers to immerse themselves in your copy and imagine themselves within it. When selling an experience, a bare-bones list of bullets won’t do; you want to create copy so rich that it envelops the reader’s senses. 

How: Demonstrate the experience 

It’s not enough to promise a special kind of experience, you have to prove your ability to deliver it. Why should the customer simply believe that you’re capable of fulfilling your promises? This is an opportunity to align your features into a larger story: how you do what you do. 

Where: Make your waiting room an integral part of the customer journey 

 Engage your patients with captivating content that gives them insight into the inner workings of your practice. Immerse your patients in real life testimonials from people in their community. Digital signage and streaming video content is rapidly being interwoven into the communications fabric of healthcare facilities nationwide. 

It is an integral component of today’s patient experience. Digital signage impacts patients and their families, employees, and practitioners with relevant, audience-specific messaging that directly connects patients to their caregivers. 

Such a connection affords healthcare providers the opportunity to positively impact the total patient experience by driving people to take action.

Differentiate your service and step away from the norm by creating unique, audience-centered content that is current, visually captivating, and relevant to your audience.

CDM TV will complete the waiting room experience, create brand awareness and ensure that your patients are educated and informed before their exam.

Take action to improve patient satisfaction, engagement, closure rates & patient referrals.  Contact us for more information on our CDM TV Patient Engagement Program and our Physician’s Marketing Program designed to leverage the credibility of the physician to drive leads to your clinic.


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