Amazing Testimonials from our Subscribers

We encourage you to add Patient Testimonials to your waiting room screen because they build a connection between you and your patients and build your clinic’s reputation. Now we would like to share our subscriber testimonials with you!

Our patients love our HNN content. I am constantly hearing positive feedback on all the information provided to them as they are waiting to be seen. If you have a chance to go forward with this great waiting room experience go for it! Brad and his team are efficient and friendly!!
-Jennifer Sherrod, Patient Care Coordinator, Enhanced Auditory Resources

Hi Brad, I just wanted to let you know that the customer pieces are beautiful and we love them! Thank you for your hard work.
-Taya Squire, Office Manage, Audiologists Northwest

The material on the media player is very informative and brings a higher level of professionalism to our office.
-Kim Cyrus, Vice President, Amplisound Hearing Care Centers

We have received rave reviews from patients since installing the HNN system in our offices. Thanks for everything!
-Josh Daly, Business Manager, Lyrus Hearing

So, I set up the streamer for my screen last night and didn’t get any images but left it on to download. Came in this morning and all I can say is Wow! I really love, love, love the content of the service. I think it is excellent. I like that it’s not too “over-their-heads” in academia la-la land yet very informative, fresh, and interesting. I also really like the variety of the topics and the graphics. Well done!!!
-Bunny Barber, M.S., CCC-A., Denver Audiology

Brad did a great job customizing my HNN system with our Audibel content! What a difference this has made to my waiting room. We got our system running a few weeks ago and immediately my patients were asking more questions. The educational pieces are very well done and easy for my patients to digest. Great job and I look forward to making this a part of all my offices.
-Richard Geraci – Owner – Geraci Audibel Hearing Centers
I’ve already heard great things from patients and our PCCs, who listen to it all day out in the waiting room. Brianne commented on how vivid the colors are and how informative the clips have been. Great job!!!
-Marsela Kole – Director of Patient Care Coordinators Hearing Health Center

If you ever need a testimony – we’d be glad to share. Today I had two separate inquires by my patients regarding some of the info shared on HNN. It gives another avenue of relationship building and lets the practitioner (me) further educate my patient, showing them why choosing us was a good decision, and all the while building a deeper level of trust.
-Dr. Sandra Miller Au.D. – Owner, Complete Hearing Solutions

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