The Importance of Patient Reviews


There is no one better than your satisfied patients to narrate your success stories. With as much as 70% of people relying on patient reviews before making a purchase, studies reveal that it’s a good idea to include a review or comment expressed in your patients’ own words when marketing your clinic on different channels.

Sharing real-time experience of your patients on your website, blogs, social media accounts, CDM TV, etc. will show how you deliver on your brand promise in the real world. A positive review might bring to you what other marketing efforts just can’t.

Reviews can make or break a brand and encouraging satisfied patients to share their positive experience online, especially on social media platforms, can help businesses generate social proof of their efficient services. Many practices have some sort of incentive for leaving reviews after an appointment. Whether it’s a chance to win a prize or to be featured as the patient of the month, any encouragement helps.

Positive reviews can help you make people understand how your service can improve their lives. Plus, your chance of drawing in more traffic to your site increases when patients write good reviews about your practice on social media platforms.

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