Volume Fluctuation: We Have the Solution!

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Did you know that there are more than 1000 videos rotating on your HNN Player? That means that there is always a potential for a rough video to have some volume fluctuation. And some television models are more sensitive to these issues. But there is hope. Our tech team can help!

If you ever notice a video that is too loud or too soft, please let us know so we can repair the issue right away. Our team can easily adjust the volume on certain videos for you, however we need to identify the video(s) that had the volume issue.

Some information that would be helpful include:

• Description of the imagery used in the video
• Description of topic covered in the video
• Was the volume too loud or too soft

If you are noticing any volume issues on your waiting room screen, please email us at communications@cleardigitalmedia.net and we will start diagnosing the issue right away.

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