How to Get the Most out of CDMTV


You’ve just installed your new CDMTV system in your waiting room, and you want to ensure you are utilizing this tool to the fullest. We have 5 tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your CDMTV subscription.

  • Volume Level: While it may be tempting to keep your TV on mute or low volume as to not hear the screen from your front desk, there really are limitless benefits to keep the volume audible. First of all, the music chosen for each video is selected to be anxiety reducing and cheerful. This music can set a tone for the environment of your waiting area. Secondly, nearly every video contains a voiceover. This helps people follow along with the educational content. Plus, those who aren’t necessarily watching the screen can still take something away through auditory learning.
  • Screen Size: We offer you the freedom to select your own TV to feature CDMTV in your waiting room. You understand the size of your waiting area and what screen size suits the area best. However, having a larger screen is always going to be better. The smallest we recommend is 32 inches. This is because all of our content contains captioning and we want to ensure that your hearing impaired visitors are able to read the captions from their seat.
  • Talk About It: When you introduce a feature like CDMTV to your clinic, be sure to mention it to all of your patients. At check-in, encourage them to enjoy your new content. During their exam, ask them how they liked the new addition to your waiting area. Get feedback, encourage viewership, and brag about the incredible educational tool you are offering your patients and visitors.
  • Custom Content: With your CDMTV subscription, you also receive custom content for your screen. Our design team will work with you to create one of a kind videos that feature staff bios, promotions, battery clubs, referral programs, and more. We can even add in commercials for the products you offer. Use your content to gain attendance at upcoming events to ask about loyalty programs and other services.
  • Eliminate Distractions: After working so hard to create powerful custom content and encouraging your patients to watch your CDMTV screen, the last thing you want is for them to get distracted. This is why many clients have ended their cable and magazine subscriptions. Having fewer alternatives for entertainment draws your patient’s attention to your carefully curated content. Plus you get to reduce your annual costs for waiting room management.

CDMTV is a powerful tool on its own, but if your practice really embraces its potential and implements some of these tips, you are destined for success. To learn more about CDMTV, please visit

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