5 Ways to Enhance Your Patient Experience

  1. Make your practice look and feel comfortable and inviting

While it may seem silly to focus on the esthetics of your office and waiting room, these things make a difference! Many of the choices we make in life are based on the feeling we get when we walk through the door. Think about it, how many of us go to Target simply because we love walking around and looking at everything. While an audiology office is vastly different than Target, it is still important to create a memorable experience for everyone that walks through the door. Your patients can be some of your best advertisers.

2. Ensure that each patient receives the same level of care/attention

It is crucial that each patient walks out of their appointment having experienced the same level of care and attention from the provider. Getting to know each of your patients allows them to feel a deeper level of trust with you and their health journey. This can include taking the time to simply listen when they express themselves regarding any fears they may have or doubts. Addressing these head-on will build trust and appreciation.

3. Improve communication at every point of contact with the patient

Communication involves more than just the conversations you and your staff have with your patients. It includes all of the moments when your patient could either be gaining trust in you or being educated on their healthcare journey. While many may look past the waiting room experience, it is something that every provider should start analyzing. If you don’t currently have educational and engaging videos playing in your waiting room, consider adding CDM TV to your practice! With a dynamic playlist designed to prepare and precondition your patients for success, your patients will come to you more motivated than ever to improve their hearing health. https://cleardigitalmedia.net/cdm-tv/

4. Create ease of access to your patients

This means create ways other than seeing you in person for patients to access some sort of care. This may be building a database of articles for patients to refer to at home, having a social media page where patients can interact, or having videos for patients to watch at home that can assist them through their health journey. Check out https://socialvideos2go.com/ for a library filled with incredible educational videos all related to hearing health. These videos can be used on many platforms including your website, email blasts, social media, and more.

5. Be on time always

Committing to timeliness says a lot about you as a provider. Patients tend to come back time and time again if they feel like they are a priority. How many times do we sit in a waiting room far beyond our appointment time, it can be irritating and can put a bad taste in the patient’s mouth.

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