5 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Patients!

  1. Analyze Your Current Methods of Communication with Your Patients

Take a deeper look at your methods for communicating with your patients. Are you currently active online? If not, it’s time to reevaluate! Our world is changing, the internet has taken over and the options for communication are endless. It is important to take advantage of the resources available online as it is convenient and typically pretty easy to get your message across. While you may not think your patient base is the type to find information on the internet, you would be surprised! Many people are choosing online scheduling over phone calls and in many cases, if your website or social presence isn’t strong, you may be overlooked.

2. Add Additional Streams of Communication

Once you’ve analyzed your methods of communication, determine how many streams of communication you currently have. Phone calls and emails are certainly important but are you interacting with patients in other ways? If not, it’s time to add additional means of reaching them. While some may feel like their job ends when the patient leaves their clinic, that is far from the truth. Your patient needs you and your expertise outside of your office. Think about how many patients come through your doors with little to no knowledge on the journey of hearing health. Creating an online resource for your patients is crucial!

3. Utilize Your Waiting Room as an Incubator of Passion

What do we mean by this? Well, your waiting room is a perfect place to inspire, persuade, influence, and educate your patients. While the waiting room can be greatly overlooked, it is an excellent place to begin fueling a patient’s fire for their hearing healthcare journey. As we know, it can take people a very long time to finally address their hearing health. With CDM TV you can push messaging to your patients tailored to fit your practice! This means you can begin introducing your staff, your mission, and inspire patients to take their hearing health in their hands. Why shouldn’t you play daytime TV in the waiting room? What is daytime TV doing to build your practice? Daytime TV won’t help you build trust in your patients, it won’t help you educate your patients, and daytime TV cannot guarantee your competition won’t be placed in front of the eyes of your patients. With CDM TV you are guaranteed to educate, engage, and reassure your patients that YOU are the right person for the job.

4. Educate, Engage, and Assist Patients in their Hearing Health Journey at Home!

You don’t have to start doing house calls to service your patients at home. With CDM TVGo your patients can access the same great content from your CDM TV at home! Not to mention content can be tailored to fit your practice. Supply your patients with resources they can turn to! If a patient can’t make it in but needs to know how to clean their hearing aid, you can provide them with that resource using your CDM TVGo. Brand recognition is extremely important when it comes to patient retnetion and new patient aquisition. Reassure your patients that you are the provider they can trust.

5. Get Your Messaging in Front of Patients Where Their Eyes Are

Social media may not seem like a place that you need to focus your attention on, in reality more and more people are turning to social media to make their decisions. Social media can be a great place to give your patients a behind the scenes look at your practice and staff. This can lead to greater trust and understanding of you and your practice. Consider starting a facebook page or instagram account!

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