You Don’t Exist without Social Media


Social media is just the means of communication to reach and influence people widely, and as a business, you must be creating content.  If you are not, you basically do not exist to a huge population of potential patients.

If you are creating content that promotes your business, that becomes part of your media strategy.  You are communicating to your patients a message.  There are so many social media marketing strategies or avenues that your business can take.

Mailers: This strategy is slowly becoming a less used one, however you know there is a segment of your market that relies on them. The best compromise is to continue making a mailer and send it out to a specific region. You can also use that same design and share it on social media. Images and video draw more attention on social media than text alone. Use your mailers as inspiration for a series of social posts.

Blogs:  Find the things to write about in your industry that people want to hear or learn about.  Blogs should be engaging, entertaining, create a call to action, and invite your customers to want to know more about you and your practice.  Blogs can drive traffic to your website and increase the world’s awareness of you.  Ensure that you share your latest blog post on your practice’s social media platforms to draw in more readers.

Website: This is where the majority of your money is spent, and it should be.  This is the face of your practice, the story of your practice, the why of your practice, and the offerings of your practice. You need to ensure you provide links to your practice’s social media accounts on your website. You may even have an area that displays your Facebook reviews or latest status.

Social Media: Social media is where people are, and your content needs to be where the people are.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are flooded with content, but if you don’t have something on them, you have no chance of being seen by new patients who are researching healthcare providers in the area.

Learn how you can add some oomph to your social media platforms as

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