Building a Business with Physician Referrals

By MDEmails

Many of our readers are already using digital technology to interact with their patients in the waiting area and online. The next step is to use digital technologies to interact with physicians.

75% of physicians check their email on their smartphone before they have their first cup of coffee in the morning. But phone and social media are not the only ways that doctors communicate with one another or with their patients. In fact, 62% of healthcare professionals prefer communication via email in comparison to direct mail, phone calls, or in-person visits.

If you’re looking to increase your physician referrals, an email marketing campaign with MDEmails is your next step. The data suggests that MDEmails achieves a deeper level of engagement through the use of digital media. A larger number of physicians tended to read the entire article presented rather than just a glace or skim over it.

A huge advantage that MDEmails offers is that your message can be tailored to any medical subspecialty, further building your reputation as a respected member of the medical community.

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