How To Use Location To Your Advantage in Marketing


It’s a modern-day truth that getting to grips with local marketing is essential.

Building a name for your practice locally, whether by word-of-mouth, paid advertisements, or organic social media, is particularly beneficial when you have a physical presence like a brick and mortar store.

Here are our top three local marketing methods for local marketing newbies.

  1. Social Media

Consider using hashtags that include your city or local area. On Facebook, you can reference local businesses or officials in order to gain more local followers and show that you support fellow local businesses.

As with any promotion on social media, a light touch is required here to avoid coming across as too sales-y. Pursue interactions that have value for both you and your customers.

Think about things like:

  • Offers and promotions
  • A behind-the-scenes of your practice
  • Partnership opportunities
  • Influencer outreach

Also, consider adding video to your social media mix. It makes a huge impact and it’s more likely to be shared. SocialVideo2Go™ can make this easy for you.

  1. Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are the perfect way to reach your patients where they spend the most time: on their mobile devices. SmartFencing™ can help deliver your message to the audiences that you want to hear it. Our delivery software can send an ad to a person’s mobile device based on that person’s age, location, interests, or hobbies. This ensures that none of your ads are wasted on those who don’t fit the characteristics of your typical patient.

  1. Paid ads

The relationship between healthcare providers in a local area can be powerful. Building relationships with physicians in your community is a fantastic way to increase your referrals and provide great treatment to as many people as possible. MDEmails can help you initiate that relationship.

Use MDEmails to compliment your existing physician outreach programs. Access your local physician network in and around the community you serve. MDEmails is an email design and delivery service used to educate the physicians in your service area about all the positive results of properly treating hearing loss. Our physicians are always interested in learning more about how to better serve their patients and the community.



If you have any questions about how best to market to people in your community, talk with our team. We can analyze the data from you and let you know what marketing strategy would work best for you. Contact us at

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