Challenges of Effective Email Communication with Physicians

By MDEmails

Creating an effective email campaign to be delivered to physicians can be very challenging. There are often several barriers that stand in the way of these campaigns being successful. The three biggest challenges for email campaigns are as follows:

  1. Delivery – Getting the emails delivered to your targeted inbox is no easy feat with all of the spam blockers available today. Your emails need to be designed properly with spam filters in mind in order for the message to be delivered. MDEmails uses very specific email guidelines to ensure that your messages get delivered properly.
  2. CTA – Call to action is not only important in email marketing but in all the advertising that you are doing. It is the most important component to an effective email. Best practices include 1) keeping it short. The most effective CTAs are just 5 words or fewer. 2) Create a sense of urgency with words like “Today” or “Now.” 3) Place the CTA in a prominent place above the fold, or in the first third of the email. 4) Use only 1 CTA per email. Don’t invite inaction when a reader has to decide between multiple actions they should take.
  3. Optimized – Your emails need to be mobile optimized. 75% of people read their emails on their mobile devices. If your email is not optimized to be read on mobile, that email gets put directly in the digital trash bin.

As you can see, marketing to physicians is no easy task. Not only are they hard to reach, but they have limited attention spans for content that doesn’t immediately resonate with them. MDEmails is a design and delivery service used to educate physicians in the hearing healthcare providers service area about the positive results of properly treating hearing loss. Our emails are written by medical professionals and marketing experts in order to ensure that your message resonates with the reader right away.

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