Change the Lives of Your Patients


Change the Lives of Your Patients

Hearing care professionals make such an impact on the lives of their patients. Every interaction with a patient is an opportunity to change their life. You are their source of hearing health education and treatment. And every hearing care professional has watched as a client’s face light up when he regained his hearing with the help of hearing aids. That moment is priceless and you know you are helping someone. 

Clear Digital Media wants to give you more moments like that. We want to help you change the lives of more people in your community and we never want you to miss an opportunity to reach out to a new patient who needs your help.

We are offering our 360 Digital Media Package in order to give you every avenue you need to reach new and existing patients.

Our Hearing News Network® is a fantastic waiting room education network that entertains your patients before their appointment while also educating them on the many facets of hearing health. 

HNN2Go™ takes those same videos that play on your waiting room screen and reworks them to be played on your social media platforms and clinic website. You can even customize each video with your clinic logo and special messaging. 

MDEmails™ is an affordable and effortless way to build relationships with local physicians in order to earn more referrals. We will build custom emails for you and ensure that they get delivered to the inboxes of physicians all over your local area. 

And finally SmartFencing™ is a remarkable way of delivering mobile ads to prospective patients in the right place at the right time using geofencing technology. 

Any of these 4 services is a great step to reaching more patients and changing their lives one at a time. But using all 4 together will make you an incredibly powerful force in your local market. 

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