10 Ideas to Spark Your Social Media Creativity


#1: Educate

Tell people about your product or services.  Give the details on features and benefits.  Tell them everything they’ll receive once they make the purchase. Ensure that your social media followers know everything they need to about you, your clinic, your products, and their hearing health.

#2: Answer questions

What do you get asked most about your product or services?  Answer your followers’ questions before they even have to ask or encourage your social audience to leave questions on your page.

#3: Do a product review

Find a product or service that would be of interest to your patients and your audience and do a review on its benefits and features. This is also a great way to let them know that they could purchase this product at your practice.

#4: Grow your list

If you have a business, you need a list of potential patients.  Make a post to encourage your prospects to give you their name and email in exchange for something you will give them.  You can give away an ebook, an article (tips, strategies and how-tos are always popular), a tutorial video, a free consultation, a type of assessment, etc.  Figure out what your prospects would find most valuable and create a giveaway around that.

#5: Talk about your case studies and results

Post about the results you were able to achieve while working with a patient and how your service impacts their life. This is a great way to demonstrate how you can change their lives.  Another similar idea is to share testimonials from your most satisfied customers.

#6: Tell a story

People can relate to you when you tell a compelling story.  Weave a lesson into your story as a takeaway.  You can also tell about an event from your past that has shaped who you are or how you do business today. Share the story of your practice and how it came to be.

#7: Debunk myths

Talk about the top three myths in your industry and give real examples to show why they are truly myths. This makes you a reliable resource for your patients and helps build trust with skeptical prospective patients.

#8: Take your viewers behind the scenes

What are some areas or elements about your practice that patients may not see on a typical office visit? Consider sharing photos of those spaces or celebrating staff birthdays or milestones. This type of personal post lets followers build a stronger relationship with your practice.

#9: Ask questions and answer them

Ask your audience some key questions that will spark conversation about their wants and needs as they relate to hearing health.  Personally answer the question yourself and then ask your followers to leave their answers below in the comments section.  This will start the discussion.

#10: Add video

There is so much you can do with video. And research shows that social media users are more likely to watch a video than read any text. Plus you can share incredible amounts of information in a one minute video. SocialVideos2Go™ can help provide these videos for you and bulk up your social media posts.

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