Waiting Room Digital Signage


Chances are you’ve found yourself in a waiting room at one time or another. Whether you’re waiting for a doctor’s appointment, a job interview, or at the DMV, you know how boring and tedious sitting in a waiting room can be. Sometimes back issues of old magazines just don’t cut it. And there’s only so much time you can spend playing that game on your smartphone!

You have an opportunity to save your patients from this painful moment. You can offer them something much better than outdated magazines: Hearing News Network®.

By adding HNN® to your waiting room, HNN® can provide your customers and patients with an informative diversion that can make their waiting room experience more tolerable, comfortable, and even enjoyable. Waiting room digital signage has exploded in popularity over the years, as more and more hospitals and healthcare practices with waiting rooms strive to improve the waiting experience for their patients and customers.

You can provide your patients with relevant, educational videos, fun quizzes, news clips, weather updates, celebrity quotes, and so much more. You can even add your own custom videos that introduce your staff, list your services, specials, and upcoming events. You can feature special offers, membership programs, positive testimonials, and patients of the month. Your custom content options are endless with the help of our design team who can develop any video you hope to see on your screens.

To learn more about Hearing News Network® or to get started today, please visit http://info.clearsounds.com/CDM_HNN.


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