Create an Emotional Connection

By Business Building Ideas

Emotional anchors are triggers—sounds, images, smells—that take us back to a place in our head, like mental sticky notes. Triggers can take us back to wonderful places. They can also take us back to somber places. Emotional anchors are powerful.

Your waiting room is one big emotional trigger for your patients and their family. How it feels, how much light comes in, how the furniture is laid out, the attitude of the front office staff, the visuals—these all create emotional triggers. Engaging your customers in that space can be the beginning of a lasting relationship, or it can result in an expensive lead, leaving after that first appointment with no intent to return.

Patients and their families in waiting rooms can be anxious, concerned, and skeptical. The environment where they wait will either add to their stress, or help relieve it. Whatever feelings are created in the waiting room follow patients into their appointments and, either positively or negatively, affect their interactions with staff and with you as their hearing care professional.

We create a customized playlist of video content designed to suit the specific demographics of your patients, making an emotional connection and preconditioning them for their appointment. This preconditioning can improve closure rates by 5-7%.

We develop content that not only engages your customer; it influences the influencer—the family. This is where you have an unfettered opportunity to deliver your message at a crucial decision-making point. This is where you can overcome skepticism and concern about the potential cost by identifying the distinct and proven benefits of amplification.

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