Why Go Digital


Digital screens can make your practice stand out from the rest. With a bright, vivid, and clear display, you can capture the attention of patients instantly, while promoting your desired message or content. This makes digital screens far more advantageous than conventional displays.

Some notable advantages of digital displays are the following:

Captivating Beauty

First on the list of advantages is its captivating color and graphic motion, capable of showing creative visuals, from simple to complex— making it a head-turner when properly positioned. Our design team creates custom and educational video that will be played on your HNN screen. Every video is specially designed to be relevant and eye-catching to your vast audience visiting your waiting area.

Amplifying Power

Video has the power to retain advertisements in the minds of its audiences due to its captivating images, full sound, and repeated messaging. Plus, you can say more in a 30-second video than you can with an image. A video will get far more views than any article.


All of the content played on HNN is designed for a wide audience at any stage of their hearing journey. Our videos contain voiceover and captioning for anyone with a hearing loss to fully follow along.


With access to our design team, you can add custom videos any time you want. Inform patients and visitors about your loyalty programs or upcoming events. No need to print posters they won’t read anyway. Spread the message with any eye-catching video without killing trees.

Using HNN content to interact and engage with your patients shows them that you value their time and you want to educate them even if you are running a little behind. Patients walk away feeling valued and impressed by your practice’s modernity after viewing your Hearing News Network.

To learn more about HNN to get started today, please visit http://info.clearsounds.com/CDM_HNN.

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