Everything You Need to Know About ENT Content


We have recently started offering ENT content to our subscribers. But not everyone fully understands this new feature. So here’s a quick rundown:

This new ENT content can be added to any current HNN subscriber’s feed. It will be blended in seamlessly among all the hearing related content.

Our ENT content library consists of videos regarding balance, nose and throat anatomy, tonsil issues, allergy concerns and much more. You can view our current ENT video library at ENT2Go.com.

While our ENT content library may be small now compared to our hearing content library at HNN2Go.com, it is important to note that this library is constantly growing. Our design team is working hard to ensure that we are making more and more ENT content every week that will go directly onto your screens.

Finally, this ENT content can be added to your screen for no cost! It is included as part of the monthly subscription that you already pay. All you have to do is email us at Communications@cleardigitalmedia.net and our team can get ENT content added to your screens right away.

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