10 Types of Content Available on SocialVideos2Go

  1. Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance – Our SocialVIdeos2Go library is full of educational videos discussing topics regarding the maintenance of hearing aids. We have videos covering seasonal factors like humidity and cold temperatures. Additionally, we have videos discussing tips for optimizing your battery life.
  2. HNN Insights – We have created a whole series of educational videos titled HNN Insights. These videos discuss topics related to hearing loss. We cover things such as how your brain reacts to classical music and how a dog’s hearing compares to a human’s.
  3. Custom –All of our clients have access to our Content Architect and a design team. They work with all clients to create custom content. Anyone who is a current HNN subscriber can have their custom content added to their SocialVideos2Go order for use on social media. Videos like staff bios, patient testimonials, clinic hours, and community outreach are great videos to feature on social media in order to attract new patients.
  4. Quick Educational – Our library is full of quick educational videos that are designed to teach a viewer new hearing facts in 20 seconds or less. We have videos like the “Did You Know” pieces or our “Facts and Figures” videos that are a fun way to interact with your social media followers.
  5. Total Health – We have dozens of videos covering the relationship between hearing health and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and cancer.
  6. News – In addition to our healthcare content, we provide short news segments. We select the most interesting and appropriate news of the day, and we only focus on the uplifting and entertaining news while avoiding violent or depressing topics.
  7. Mini-Series– We define a mini-series as a group of videos that all contain the same design, but have different topics of discussion that are all related. These are great for a social media campaign that you want to have a similar look and feel, but not get stale. We have mini-series on teens and hearing loss, healthy hearing tips, celebrities with hearing loss, hearing loops, and so much more.
  8. Seasonal –Within our extensive library we have a plethora of year-round seasonal videos that will keep your social media content fresh and appropriate for every season and holiday.
  9. Quiz – We have dozens of fun hearing quiz videos that keep your followers entertained and educated while testing their knowledge of hearing related issues. This lack of knowledge may even convince them to come into your clinic to learn some of the information they are missing.
  10. ENT – We have a growing library of content that is relevant to ear, nose, and throat clinics that work great on social media. They cover topics like allergies, balance, and nose anatomy.
    To view all of our incredible content, visit SocialVideos2Go.com.

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