Interpreting your MDEmails™ Reporting Data


After your custom emails are deployed, we provide 5 and 30 day engagement reporting.  The MDEmail™ analytic reporting highlights:

  • Deliverability metrics: we can report how many emails were sent, hard and soft bounce rates and number of delivered messages
  • Engagement summary: this is categorized as gross and unique opens as well as gross and unique clicks.
  • Viewing engagement: our reports capture how a view opens the link as well as how long they view or open it

These metrics formulate the Lead Scored data (names and phone numbers of engaged readers).  The leads are ranked on how long and how many times they viewed they viewed the email.

  • Click by link: we can track the number of recipients that click a hyperlink
  • Opt-outs: track quantity of unsubscribers



Reporting is easy to read and understand with detailed reporting definitions.  A lead score summary is also provided in your enhanced reporting. Names, phone numbers and an assigned lead score is included.  A lead score is defined based on how long (and how frequently) the recipient viewed the email (mobile or desktop).. This length of viewing time categorizes the lead from 1 to 5 (5 being a Hot Lead). Develop those hot leads into your referral base with MDEmail physician email marketing.

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