Is your Current Referral Network Prepared for an Aging Physician Workforce?


Recently, an audiology practice and MDEmail client provided valuable insight regarding the benefits of her physician outreach email marketing campaign, MDEmails™.

The lead audiologist commented on the number of trusted physicians retiring and the utilization of MDEmails as an effective and economical way to present her practice to the doctor.  Physicians are often unaware of all the services an independent audiology practice can provide like vestibular testing and tinnitus therapy.  Primary care physicians need to understand the specific differences between the role of an audiologist and an ENT (also called otolaryngologist’s) to ensure proper patient care. Most patients with mild to moderate hearing loss are candidates for an audiologic exam.

MDEmailstracks engagement and develops a list of “Hot Leads” that can be contacted to further introduce, inform and educate for future patient referrals. Adding a direct mail piece to reach these engaged prospects will build your practice’s presence in their referral mindset.

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