The Pivotal Moment: Point-Of-Care Marketing


There is a pivotal moment at the point-of-care when a patient makes the decision to act—by scheduling a service, asking for more information, buying a product, or just scheduling that next appointment. It’s crucial that you have input and influence at that moment. A consistent and targeted marketing message will encourage your patient to follow through with that decision with the confidence that they have your support as their trusted healthcare provider.

Digital signage at the point-of-care lends a highly professional touch to your practice and can open a window of opportunity to stand out from your competitors at the crucial moment in the patient’s path to purchase. It engages patients and encourages their decision to buy. This is the perfect time to engage your patients with captivating content that gives them insight into the inner workings of your practice and enables you to more effectively sell your products and services. Direct quotes, real-life testimonials from people in the community, day-in-the-life narratives, and even brief biographies can introduce the sympathetic elements that allow patients to form a deeper connection with you, your staff, and your services.

The days of static content, magazines, and brochures are behind us. Custom digital signage or place-based media is rapidly being interwoven into the communications fabric of hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. It is an integral component of today’s patient experience.

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