We’re In This Together! Support Small Business.


COVID-19 is changing our current way of life more and more each day. Bussinesses are being forced to close, employees are being laid off, and our social lives are non-existient. While we understand the importance of the measures being taken by our government officals, it can be extremely tough not knowing what tomorrow brings.

For small business, these times are scary. The uncertainty brings a sense of fear that many would not understand. For small compaines, forcasting is crucial. As an owner of a small business or a start up company, you do not have an abundance of resources at your fingertips. In most cases, owners are in a position where they live day to day. Without knowing what daily traffic should be, or without having an idea on how many orders you are able to complete, the business is turned upside down. It is crucial that our communities understand the severity of this issue. In order for small business to survive, we need support.

Owners are now being put in positions where they have no choice but to let go of employees. Some may be in a position where they are not sure if they will even be in business once this is all over. What is scary about this is hundereds of thousands of people across the country may lose their entire lifes work. Every penny that they have saved and recycled back into their business may vanish in the blink of an eye. People who have sacraficed a tremendous amount may have to say goodbye to their business. This is a scary and sad thought.

If you know a small business owner or if you have a local favorite, think about what you can do as a community member to help them through this difficult and uncertian time. Consider purchasing a gift card to give them hope that at the end of all this you will still be there! If you don’t have the means to support monitarily, think about sending over hope through your words. Sometimes it just takes a few people sharing positivity to keep someone moving forward. Consider spreading the word about the business online. As we all know, most advertising is done over the internet now and most of us are on social media. Even sharing your positive expereiences with a business can help them tremendosly when it comes to picking themselves back up at the end of all of this.

Through these difficult and uncertain times, it is important to have allies! Supporting your community and keeping local businesses alive is crucial. Consider what you can do to help, and make it happen!