Where Should You Post Your SocialVideos2Go Video?


Across social media, video content has enjoyed incredible growth over recent years. For each platform, the differences are small but crucial.


Over 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every single day. This is a massive opportunity, but also a challenge – how do you make your content stand out? To increase your views, shares, and engagement when sharing your video on Facebook, try to upload videos natively, not as a link from another platform like YouTube. Captioned videos work best as videos will likely autoplay without sound, and advise viewers to tap the screen to achieve sound.


Twitter video hasn’t quite attained the popularity of Facebook video yet, but all that means is that there’s more chance to stand out if you do it right. Aim to upload native videos, as they seem to receive higher overall engagement compared to third-party hosted videos, and ensure your video is no longer than 140 seconds.


As a video-based social sharing platform, YouTube allows you to have more space to describe your video and the freedom to experiment with longer narratives. Always use the highest resolution available, too, as high-quality videos perform the best in search.

And that’s it! Video can play a great role in your marketing strategy.

If you’ve gotten this far but are confused about what SocialVideos2Go is or how you can get your own videos started, please visit SocialVideos2Go.com.





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