What Type of Content Interests Physicians?

By MDEmails

Have you ever wondered why the physicians you’re reaching out to aren’t opening your emails? Sometimes it can be so difficult to know what type of content will resonate with your audience. Trying to answer this question is what led our MDEmails team here at Clear Digital Media to begin working with influencers in the Audiology marketing space. A big thank you to our 4 contributors – Dr. Brian Taylor, Dr. John Bakke, Bob Tysoe, and Dr. Suzanne Younker. MDEmails uses their content to reach physicians and inspire them to better help their patients by referring them to the best Audiologists in their area. Among this content, we had some shining stars in 2017, and we thought we should make this information public to help you improve your physician outreach.

So with no further ado, drumroll please… Here are our top performing article topics from 2017:

Highest Open Rates of 2017

The Co-Morbid Condition of Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss Health Care for Older Adults: Device Effectiveness
What Happens When Your Patient Doesn’t Hear You?

Highest Click Rates of 2017

Here are Five Little-Known Facts about Today’s Hearing Aids…
Impact of Self-Assessed Hearing Loss on a Spouse: A Longitudinal Analysis of Couples
Don’t Let Unaddressed Hearing Loss Spiral into Depression

And Lastly, Honorable Mention goes to…

Highest Repeat Open Rate, but Lowest Unique Open Rate

Hearing Loss Health Care for Older Adults: Awareness & Implications 2

This last one is important because it shows the complexity of finding content that resonates with physicians. What may not interest the herd may just happen to pique the interest of one. Only 2 people opened this one, but it got opened 18 times by those 2 people, and I bet those were the ones who sent referrals. Always review performance data before categorizing content as a low performer.

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