Mobile Marketing is Impossible to Ignore


The modern consumer can be described in two ways: on-the-go, and connected. Amazingly, by the year 2021 more people worldwide will have a mobile phone than a bank account, running water, or a landline. As a result, consumers will rely more and more on their mobile devices, using them to navigate their world as well as fill it with what they need. Just consider online shopping activities. In 2016, Americans spent $205 million shopping on their smartphones.

The more time consumers spend with their mobile devices out in the world, the more they’re exposed to mobile ads, and the greater the marketing opportunity becomes.

This is where SmartFencing comes into play. You can advertise your business or services directly to smartphones with our SmartFencing service. And you can ensure that your ads are being delivered to the right areas and right consumers using our geofencing technology.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can harness the power of mobile advertising.

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