6 Ways HNN can Help You Increase Your ROI

  1. Encourage Referrals – Hearing New Network can help boost the number of referrals you get by encouraging patients to spread the word about the great services your practice offers. We can also make custom videos to inform patients about any referral programs or incentives you may have available.
  2. Increase Sales – By playing hearing aid manufacturers’ videos on your screen, you can increase your patients’ knowledge about the newest technology on the market. This will not only make your patients more curious about the products you are offering but also get them more familiar with the product before you offer it to them.
  3. Broadcast Specials – You can use your HNN screen as a digital billboard. Anytime you have a special pricing or a promotional event, our team can create video displaying the details of the promotion for everyone in your waiting room to see.
  4. Display Services – Displaying your practice’s services in your waiting room can educate patients on services that they might not have known you offered. If a patient is there for a routine cleaning, and learn that you also offer custom hunting plugs, they may return next week to get new plugs that they previously didn’t know you could do.
  5. Increase Social Media Following – Your HNN playlist contains several videos that encourage patients to find your clinic on social media. It is a great way to continue your patient engagement between appointments.
  6. Save on Other Media – HNN eliminates the need to pay for cable services in your waiting room. And some clinics have even chosen to reduce or remove their magazine subscriptions. They notice that HNN keeps their patients entertained and educated while they wait and alternative forms of media are not needed.

To get HNN in your waiting room today, please visit http://info.clearsounds.com/CDM_HNN.

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