7 Reasons to Update Your Custom Content Quarterly

By Content, HNN

You already know that your generic content on your HNN screen rotates all the time and new content is being added constantly. However, the one thing that doesn’t seem to change is your custom content. Your custom content is added to your screen at the very beginning of your subscription with HNN. While you may make adjustments throughout the year, we encourage you to review your custom content quarterly to ensure it is still meeting the needs of your practice. Below are some reasons that reviewing content may be beneficial:

  1. Update Look and Feel – We understand that the decor of your clinic and appearance of your practice may change. We want to ensure that your custom content always matches the way you envision your practice. If there are any photos of your clinic featured in your custom content, we would love to update them as you upgrade your practice
  2. Changes in Messaging – Some of you have had HNN in your waiting room for more than 5 years. The branding and messaging of your clinic might have shifted since you first started with us. Upon reviewing your content, you may find that some of your content may need a revision. Our team is happy to help you with those minor adjustments.
  3. Staff Member Rotation – A lot can happen since subscribing to HNN. Staff members may change, promotions may be enacted, bios may change, people may get married. We want to ensure that all of your staff bios are featuring the most up to date titles, names, and up to date bio information. A quarterly review of your staff bios can ensure that these are kept up to date.
  4. More Testimonials – Many of your subscribers choose to have patient testimonials featured on their screens. However, having the same 4 testimonials play for 2 years in a row no longer fulfills the goal of keeping patients interested. We recommend swapping out or adding new testimonials at least once a year.
  5. Seasonal Messaging – You may have seasonal messages or promotions that you want to have added to your screen. A quarterly assessment of your custom content is a great way to see what you already have playing and what videos you want to remove or add to your screen to ensure that the correct messages are playing.
  6. New Services – Over the course of your HNN subscription, your practice may offer new services or hire staff members with a wider variety of skills. You will want these new additions added to your screen quickly.
  7. Evolution – We understand that every clinic grows and evolves as time goes on. We want to ensure that your custom content is evolving with you, this way your HNN screen stays up to date and accurate.

To review your current custom content or add more content, please contact us at communications@cleardigitalmedia.net.

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