What How Why: Alyssa Oglesbee

Alyssa Oglesbee is one of our Video Development Lead and is a key player on our team. Here is a little about what she does on a daily basis to ensure our success.


What do you do for CDM?

I create the videos that play on our HNN and KIC networks. I also create videos requested by any of our clients and internal marketing videos.


How do you accomplish your goals every day?

I look at my task list and start with whatever is due first. If there are multiple tasks for one day, I prioritize client videos over internal videos. I try to multitask as much as my workflow will allow but generally, it’s one video at a time.


Why do you do what you do?

I very much believe that is it important for everyone to understand how their body functions and how important health is to everyday life. I create educational health videos because I believe that the more a person understands about their own body, the more they can be an advocate for themselves. It’s hard to even ask the right questions of a health care professional if you don’t know what might be going on inside yourself.


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You can learn more about Alyssa in her bio HERE.

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