Convey an Inviting Environment In Your Waiting Room


It’s a fact that dentists, patients, and everyone alike knows: almost everyone fears going to the dentist. This can also be used as a positive angle you can take when playing your dental videos.

By conveying a soft and inviting environment through video, you are allowing your patients to make positive associations with your practice. Adding positive client testimonials is a great way of reinforcing your practice’s inviting environment.

Klear Impakt Channel (KIC) and Hearing News Network (HNN) takes your patient’s anxieties and concerns into account when we create every video that plays on your screens.

We purposely only use music with happy and calming connotations to ensure that the soundtrack to your waiting room encourages relaxation and confidence.

At the end of all of our education videos we encourage the viewer to speak with their dental professional for further information. This gives an anxious patient a conversation starter when he or she first meets you and it also lets patients know that you are their resource if they have any questions regarding their dental healthcare.

We understand that some topics regarding oral healthcare can be nerve-wracking and discussing these topics can make a patient more anxious. Therefore, we gently touch on topics that might trigger someone’s sensitivities and suggest that they talk to a staff member if they have other questions.

And on a more precise level, KIC and HNN actually contain videos that discuss anxiety revolving around dental visits. These videos discuss that this is a common fear and that letting your dental care professional know about your concerns is a great first step to feeling more comfortable.

Not only can KIC and HNN educate your patients while they wait, but it can also create a calming and nurturing environment right in your waiting room.

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