The Increasing Importance of Patient Surveys


It’s not news that the best way to get patient feedback is through surveys. But clinicians have long been skeptical about such surveys, partly because they communicate regularly with their patients and saw no need for another method of hearing their concerns and partly because satisfaction surveys used to be flawed measures of healthcare quality. Surveys would take weeks to receive back in the mail, only a small percentage of patients would actually complete them, and it was difficult to tell if the results accurately reflect your entire patient base.

Well now things have changed. PatientPoll™ is the best and easiest way of surveying your patients with accurate results. As the patient poll surveys are tablet-based, you can hand them directly to a patient while they are in your waiting room. You get to ask custom questions that are relevant to your clinic and get accurate feedback in minutes. Your patients are able to comment on their current experience rather than having to recall it hours or days later. Plus, you can get 100% of your patients to complete their survey during their visit ensuring authentic results.

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