How To Build Your Clinic’s Online Brand

By HNN2Go, How To's

It’s clear that the Internet is a crowded marketplace, where companies and health care clinics are firmly fighting with each other for the attention of their customers. It is thus very important for your clinic to be recognized in the digital arena.

Good brand visibility will establish credibility for your small or large clinic making your patient more willing to avail of your services or products. Here are the 5 most effective ways that popular companies and healthcare clinics are leveraging to market their brand.

Video Tutorial

A video tutorial is an extremely effective and successful ways for businesses of all sizes to promote your clinic posting videos. This marketing tool also drives traffic to your site as well as advertises your brand in front of your targeted audience.

If you are an HNN® subscriber, you can work with our content architect and design team to create quick tutorial videos for your waiting room. And if you wish to add the video to your website or social media, you can purchase your custom video through SocialVideos2Go™. Check it out!

Advertise on Social Sites

One of the most effective way to promote your clinic is social media marketing, which includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, etc. Today, social sites are the key to getting your messages in front of your audience. This marketing tool promotes brand visibility and recognition. It can take your business to worldwide audiences.

However, keeping up with the demand for captivating social posts can be challenging, SocialVideos2Go™ can help by customizing hundreds of videos for your clinic for use on social media.

Pictures and Images

By adding a picture or photo in your content like press releases, articles, or social media posts. Increasing views by 50%. More than 60% of online patients are likely to consider a clinic when pictures show up in local search results.


Many of your patients are involved with social media, groups, communities, or forums either online or offline, and the best way to take advantage of it is to participate, in community chatting or commenting on a group post or share. This will establish your credibility in and build strong relationships with social media users who may refer you to other people or users of social media that are ready to buy products or services.

Content Blogging

Blogging or content marketing can increase your clinic’s visibility. Today, it is one of the most effective ways to enhance the visibility of your clinic as well as improve your ranking in search engines. It also helps to cultivate good relationships with your patients.

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