How To Make A Testimonial Video That Builds Trust


Testimonial videos build brand trust and therefore increase referrals and sales. Trust is the deciding factor for whether or not your patients will make a purchase – if they don’t trust your brand, they’ll back out.

Testimonials provide evidence that your products or services actually work as promised. In fact, 90% of customers admit that their buying decisions are heavily influenced by online reviews. Therefore if you don’t already have testimonial videos on your website and in your office, its time to get started.

In simple terms, a testimonial video is a means for you to showcase the rave reviews of satisfied patients and allow them to personally vouch for the hard work you put into your service. It’s living proof that you provide value to your prospects and a highly effective way to speak directly to website visitors. It taps into the universal truth that we are all influenced by the opinions of others to some extent.

Think about it: you can tell potential patients your product or service is brilliant until your lips turn blue, but it will never prove as powerful as showing real patients sharing their success stories. A good testimonial video will always involve a real patient of yours endorsing your brand and your product.

Text testimonials are all well and good, but they fail to utilize one of your most powerful marketing tools – video. Not to mention that video testimonials are far more engaging and convincing than a page full of text. They will help reduce your bounce rate by keeping visitors on your site longer and increase the odds that new visitors will feel confident enough to make a purchase. Not to mention that when these videos are posted on social media, they are more likely to be viewed, liked, and shared than text posts.

When it comes to preparing to film your testimonials think about how your video should feel. The key terms you’re aiming for are ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’. A good testimonial video should also feel relatable: it has to feature real fans of your practice and natural, unscripted responses. Don’t be scared to show your real customers telling their real stories to ensure your testimonial video is engaging, credible, and enjoyable.

During filming, you need to remember to give context to your video. Filming your testimonials inside of your office where current and new patients will be visiting, will likely be the most appropriate location. Small details add visual interest as well as brand context.

When filming your patients, encourage them to talk about the problems they were experiencing and how they found a great solution in your practice. Your customer’s struggles are what your audience will identify with the most.

Providing evidence that your practice is capable of solving challenges will make your audiences trust you a whole lot more.

Once you finally have your patient testimonial video filmed, edited, and ready to share, now you have to promote it.

Keep your video testimonials to one page on your website. Share them around with the featured patients and encourage them to share them with friends. You can even ask them to use a specific hashtag – chances are, they’ll be proud of helping you and will readily share it for you!

Be sure to let them know that any feedback is welcome and emphasize how much you appreciate their time and energy.

Also, be sure to post your videos on social media to increase your reach and diversify your post. Simply write a catchy status like, ‘Want to see what our customers really think of us?” and ensure the link opens in a new tab.

If you have CDM TV® in your waiting room, you can send your videos to to have them added to your screen.

In conclusion, testimonial videos are a form of high-quality content that can easily translate into patient trust, conversions, and sales.

Showing patients happily endorsing your brand is the best way to spark identification in your audience and give them the final reason they need to come for a visit.

Remember to keep everything natural and ‘real’ – your customer’s testimony, your conversation with them, and your video editing.

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