Incubator of Passion

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Well, your waiting room is the window to your clinic’s soul. It is your customer’s first impression, and you have approximately 7 seconds to make it a great one. The atmosphere, how they are greeted, the materials provided—all of these elements are processed rapid-fire by your customer’s brain. An impression is formed instantly. Make your waiting room an incubator of passion for you and your products.

You’ve spent time, money, and effort getting that customer in your door. Clear Digital Media’s Hearing News Network offers customizable patient-oriented content that streams right to your waiting room. HNN empowers you with the tools to reprogram the mindset of the customer. When your customers walk through your door and are greeted with professionally developed, engaging content that makes a personal connection, you are demonstrating your respect for them and building the foundation for delighted customers.

For more information about HNN please visit Or if you are interested in adding HNN to your waiting room experience, contact Brad Dodson at

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