Waiting Can be Useful – No Matter How Short or Long

Many potential clients wonder if HNN is a good fit for them because their clinic strives to have short wait times. By getting their patients into the exam room more quickly, these clinics feel that HNN will be underutilized in their waiting room. What they don’t understand is that HNN can make an impression on a patient in as little as 30 seconds. 36,000 visuals can be registered in the brain in just one hour. That’s 300 registered images every 30 seconds! If one helpful video makes an impression on one client and triggers them to return to your clinic for more treatment and recommend your clinic to friends, isn’t that worth exploring the possibility of having HNN in your waiting room?

Additionally, many clinics feel guilty for leaving their patients in the waiting room for longer than expected during high traffic periods. On average, a patient waits 22 minutes in a healthcare waiting room. HNN makes use of that wait time by preconditioning patients before they meet with their doctor, keeping them entertained while they wait, and educating them on aspects of their condition. Some patients have even lost track of time while being absorbed in our riveting HNN content. One of our clients recently told us,

“I was running about 25 minutes late…brought my patients back to fit her for a new hearing device. As she was getting up to leave, she said ‘I have to tell you how wonderful your TV is out there. I learned so much today from you!’ I apologized for running behind and making her wait. She then replied “I didn’t even realize you were so late, I was pleasantly entertained!

Regardless of how short of long your clinic’s typical wait time is, HNN can improve your patients’ experience and enhance your clinic environment. For more information on how HNN can make use of your patients’ wait time, and how HNN can work with your specific clinic, please visit www.cleardigitalmedia.net or email Brad Dodson at Brad.Dodson@cleardigitalmedia.net.

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