Results = Lifetime Value

According to studies, point-of-care marketing has proven to have a positive impact on customer lifetime value. Failure to implement point of care marketing, waiting room engagement, and retention marketing programs in your practice is like training for months to run a marathon, then stopping short of the finish line on race day.

Implementing point of care marketing such as the Hearing News Network results in:

  • Increased lifetime value of each and every patient
  • The development of loyal patients
  • Increased patient referrals
  • Reduced return rates
  • Increased closure rates

With 400 hearing clinics and 25,000 physician offices using digital media in their waiting rooms, we know it works. The existing evidence concludes that the waiting room experience is an important driver of patient satisfaction. The results of surveys taken in 10 primary care offices show that how patients feel about their physician and the quality of their health care are directly related to their impression of their time in the waiting room.

Take action to improve patient satisfaction, engagement, closure rates, and patient referrals. Come see us for more information on our HNN Patient Engagement Program and our Physician’s Marketing Program, designed to leverage the credibility of the physician to drive leads to your clinic.

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