Save More and Stress Less with HNN


We understand that the life of a practice owner or manager can be very challenging. Not only are you worried about ensuring your daily activities and appointments run smoothly, but you are also concerned about your budget and balancing your staff’s stress levels all while ensuring that your patients are comfortable, happy, and fully satisfied. It is a lot to handle. Thankfully, HNN is here to help make some of your responsibilities a little easier.  HNN can help you save more and stress less.

Save More

HNN can help your practice save money in the long run by eliminating the need for other forms of entertainment. For a small monthly subscription, you can have an educational, entertaining, constantly changing Hearing News Network streamed into your waiting room. This eliminates the need to pay for cable services in your waiting room. And some clinics have even chosen to reduce or remove their magazine subscriptions. They notice that HNN keeps their patients entertained and educated while they wait and alternative forms of media are not needed.

Stress Less

HNN can be a hands-free service. Our team will ensure that the content is constantly changing and rotating to always stay fresh. We add seasonal messages so your content is always up to date. We have new videos added daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to ensure that your content is always rotating and never getting stale.

HNN is not another form of stress that your staff needs to keep updating. Our team can do all the work and you can relax knowing that your patients are entertained while they wait. They are also being educated on hearing health topics and being preconditioned before their exam.


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