The Popularity of Short Video on Social Media


If you haven’t explored short video for your practice, you may be missing out on an opportunity for more reach and shares.

While you might naturally think of YouTube when you think of video, it’s not the only platform embracing video content.

In fact, short-form video content is streamed to us in a range of formats on a variety of social platforms—15-second Instavids on Instagram, 2- to 3-minute videos on Facebook and news feed videos on Google+. LinkedIn also features video via Professional Portfolio and videos can be “pinned” to Pinterest. Short form video was made to thrive on social media, and that’s just what it’s doing.

But why is short video so popular? The shift is likely due to a number of factors. The attraction of short-form social videos lies in their “snackable” nature. Short videos suit our busy lives, brief attention spans, and the need to consume content easily and quickly. Because fans are consuming content via their mobile devices while they’re on the go, the shorter the content is, the better.

With SocialVideos2Go™ at your disposal, it’s easy to add short video content to your marketing mix. All of our videos are specially designed to last between 15 seconds to 2 minutes and cover a wide variety of hearing healthcare topics. They can even be customized with your clinic logo and contact information.

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