Social Media is not a Stand Alone Platform


Maintaining an active presence on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a low-cost way to engage with patients and raise brand awareness among prospects. However, don’t treat each social media platform as a stand-alone medium; use all of them together to drive traffic to specific pages on your website and invite new patients into your practice.

Announcements, contests, helpful tips, articles, and especially videos are all great ways to encourage followers to interact with your business on social media. And whichever platform you’re using, be sure to manage patient feedback. This is crucial to maintaining your brand’s reputation, as well as providing your patients with the personal interaction they desire.

Adding custom videos to your social media pages in a great way to send a message while keeping your followers entertained. And video content is shared 12 times more than text alone. Therefore, posting videos also gives you a chance to market your practice to a new audience. SocialVideos2Go™ can help you develop hearing-related custom videos for use on your social media platforms. Order your package today at

The more effort you put into engaging your social followers, the more benefits you’ll reap as a result.

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