The Difference HNN Can Make

You may think that one extra TV playing medical content in your waiting room won’t make a difference to you, your patients, or your clinic, but let me paint a picture for you:
Scene 1: Imagine your average client entering your waiting room with her husband. They check in and then move to your seating area. Once settled, she reaches for an outdated magazine that is laying on your coffee table. She reads through the articles about holiday decor and the latest recipes. However, after 10 minutes she has finished the magazine and moves onto another wrinkled periodical to update herself on the latest celebrity gossip. After 28 minutes, an average time spent in a doctor’s waiting room, your client is taken to the exam room and meets with her doctor.
Let’s review: What happened during that patient’s 28 minute wait? Nothing. The patients’ only benefit from her time in your waiting room was that she learned a new recipe that she will try out this weekend. The clinic did not benefit in any way, and the doctor-patient relationship remained stagnant.


Now let’s reexamine the same waiting room after the introduction of HNN (custom video content- do we want to limit ourselves to HNN since we have so many “networks?” What other phrasing can be used here to talk about the TV screen with our content).


Scene 2: After your client enters and checks in with the office staff, she and her husband find a seat in the waiting room. Before they even have a chance to reach for a magazine, the calming music and captivating animation from your HNN screen gets her attention. She watched a few videos when a piece about the relationship between diabetes and hear loss comes across the screen. She nudges her husband and starts a conversation about how maybe he should have his hearing checked while they are here. After agreeing to have an audiogram while in the office, the couple turns their attention back to the screen to learn more information about their doctor, helpful products, and relevant information. Before she knows it, your patient is being called back into the exam room, and she is ready to talk to her doctor about some of the things she learned during her time in the waiting room.
Let’s Review: By viewing the HNN content instead of reading a magazine your patient is being updated on the latest news in your medical field. She learned more about your clinic and your staff, as well as being informed about the products and services your clinic offers. Not only that, but this patient is being preconditioned to think about her hearing issues and begin to formulate questions for her healthcare providers. She will walk away from this visit feeling great knowing that she had all her questions answered, developed a great relationship with her doctor, and feels more informed about her and her loved ones’ overall health.
Not only did the patient benefit from the HNN content, but your clinic did too. Your patient learned about all the services your clinic offers and will remember that information if she requires further treatment. She walked away with a great attitude and will be more likely to tell her friends and family about her experience, giving you a positive word-of-mouth reputation. Additionally, your HNN screen advertised many of the products you sell, and your patients are more likely to buy a product that they are familiar with and know their doctor endorses.
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