Engage the Brain

Get your patient thinking positively about the outcome of their appointment before they step foot in your evaluation room.

With approximately 70% of patients accompanied by family members to their appointments, HNN provides an opportunity to speak to family as well—engaging them to think about their own hearing health. Customers come to your office to solve a problem; keeping their mindset on the positive outcome of the solution is critical to closure rates.

In addition, reaching return patients with content that continues to inform and educate them on the process of adapting to their hearing device is key to reducing return rates.

According to research, an unhappy customer will switch providers and unfortunately, a satisfied customer may also switch. Often, this is based on mis-aligned expectations. How do you ensure a patient who seems satisfied does not abandon you as a provider of hearing care?

We work with you to create content that conditions your patient pre- and post-care, establishing the right expectations. We will work with you to develop custom pieces that may communicate steps you specifically want patients to take following a fitting or insights for family on how to help the patient adapt to the new hearing device at home. This content is a differentiater that develops loyal patients and keeps satisfied customers out of the zone of indifference.

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