The Power and Popularity of Video

You see them in your Facebook feed, on your Twitter page, and all over the internet. Brands are constantly posting video ads that intrigue viewers to watch, share, and become invested in their products. Currently, there are countless blog posts and email blasts pointing out the popularity of using video to bolster marketing efforts. And there is no end in sight for this new trend. But why are marketers deciding to turn to video instead of static images?

In a nutshell, it’s because digital advertising is an affordable investment, drives more word-of-mouth referrals, and is more effective overall than traditional advertising. And that’s because video is immensely more compelling to us. If your marketing is compelling, the audience automatically associates that your product is also compelling. It’s just good business sense to consider introducing video into your marketing technique.

Our brains are able to understand video more quickly and establish meaning more effectively than when we read text. Our brains do a better job of acquiring and retaining information from videos than from static images or text, and content from videos is better remembered than that from static images.

That’s where Clear Digital Media comes in. By providing you with dynamic, customizable content, your waiting room becomes a space to engage with patients on a whole new level. Turn one-time visitors into lifetime patients with three unique tools: the Hearing News Network, the Patient Referral System, and Custom Digital Content. Give your patients a memorable experience while educating them about their health and your office. Visit today to learn more and get started.

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